The Bruno Morawetz Speaker Sponsorship

Speaker Sponsorship Music Leadership


*Information about the 2020 Season will be available December 1, 2020.


The Sponsorship Program is made available to cover fees, travel costs and other related expenses of a keynote speaker or seminar leader at any major professional development event (conference, seminar or special workshop for directors and senior staff) organized by a provincial camping association Federated Member of the CCA/ACC. 

The maximum total funding available is $2,000 per year, to be allocated to one or more of the events for which sponsorship has been requested.

Those provincial associations who receive funding are not eligible to re-apply for the subsequent two years.


The speaker should be a recognized expert in camping or camping-related industries of interest and concern to delegates.

The presentation should aim to increase the knowledge of camp directors and senior camp staff, and to raise the level of professionalism at the event.

Preference will be given to presentations which include research or original material of academic or scholarly merit.

The Society of Camp Directors and the Sponsorship Program must be identified in the event literature or program, and at the time of the presentation. Wherever possible, a Fellow of the Society should be asked to formally introduce the speaker.

Appropriate documentation of the presentation (the paper, handouts, audiotape, DVD and/or videotape) must be sent to the Society immediately after the event for inclusion in the Trent University Archives.

The Chair (or designate) of the event should submit a written letter of application, which must include:

  • Dates, location and description of the event or conference;

  • The biography of the speaker and summary of his/her proposed topic/presentation;

  • Anticipated fees and costs;

  • Details of how the Society and Sponsorship Program will be acknowledged;

  • A pledge to provide documentation of the presentation (as noted above) to the Society by the end of the calendar year;

  • Acknowledgement that video, papers or other reproductions of the presentation(s) may be used and distributed by the Society for educational and publicity purposed.